About Shira


As a classroom teacher for more than 20 years, Shira Raviv Schwartz has taught many different kinds of learners. It has been her work with special education students that brings her the most joy. Certified in SLANT, an Orton- Gillingham based multi-sensory structured language program,  and experienced in Structured Word Inquiry, Shira has extensive experience working with students with language-based learning disabilities as a reading interventionist and special education advocate. Her unique approach of combining her knowledge of curriculum and of the LD learner provides valuable insight into just what the student needs to be successful.

With an awareness of the issues that parents face when advocating for their children who learn differently, Shira inaugurated a program to bring  awareness  for parents of children with LD, Dyslexia, ADHD,  Executive Function and Social/Emotional issues.  This invaluable program meets throughout the year, bringing  the most prominent professionals in the field to present on the myriad of issues important to those navigating this difficult journey.  Shira, herself, has presented at LD conferences on assistive technology, executive function, School Advocacy, Responsive Classroom, and reading interventions.

Each of Shira’s three children has different learning styles. One of her children has profound dyslexia and was in and out of 7 schools before the age of 11. Through her own experience as an educational advocate and having worked in dozens of school settings, she has developed a solid understanding of the kinds of supports children need, how to obtain educational services and supports, and ways that parents can be their child’s best advocate.